Fermented Films Project Mockup

Fermented Films

JavaScript | React | API

Fermented Films is a one stop shop for a curated evening based on one ingredient. Built using the React library, this project utilizes the MovieDB, CocktailDB, and MealsDB APIs.

Pack-Track! Project Mockup


JavaScript | React | Firebase

Pack-track allows you to budget and track your expenses while traveling. Built with React and Firebase, this is the best tool to make sure your vacation spending is under control.

Podcastable Project Mockup


TypeScript | React | API

Podcastable is your home for podcast recommendations. Written in TypeScript, built with React, and leveraging the ListenNotes API. Search your favorite podcast and get a list of up to 8 recommendations.

Song Smasher Project Mockup

Song Smasher

JavaScript | API | SCSS

Song Smasher is a project using modern vanilla JavaScript. Enter your favorite song and get its lyrics. Smash the song, and see a silly result. Utilizes the Merriam Webster and Musixmatch APIs.

Le Gourmand Project Mockup

Le Gourmand


Le Gourmand is a simple design conversion using HTML and SCSS. Built using modern techniques and with accessibility in mind.